We’ve all heard the saying: Put your money where your mouth is. Well, with an Alpine Bank Loyalty Debit Card, you can. The card works like a check and can be used wherever Visa® is accepted. The difference? With each transaction, Alpine Bank donates a dime to support nonprofits and other community organizations.

“The creation of the Loyalty program in the 90s, right when people were transitioning from check writing to debit cards, was a real win-win,” says former President Dave Scruby.“The bank got more debit card usage and gave back more to the community — and our customers loved that.”

Since 1997, the Loyalty Debit Card program has granted more than $7 million. In 2017 alone, a total of $1,140,000 was awarded to nonprofit organizations across the state of Colorado where Alpine Bank does business.


I am passionate about supporting the community that I live, work and play in. I want our communities to be successful. I want our environment to be preserved and most importantly I want our kids to excel. That is why I’m a huge advocate and supporter of the Loyalty Card Program. Take care of your community and they will take care of you.

Christine Bostick Alpine Bank Employee since 1990


People would ask me, 'What do I receive if I open an account with your bank today?' My response was always the same: 'It’s not what you get necessarily, but what you give back directly to the community in which you live.' Given that perspective, it doesn’t take long to realize the immediate gratification and long-term benefit derived from our wonderful Loyalty Debit Card program.

Jamie Dicks Alpine Bank Employee since 2001


It is meaningful for me to work for an organization that finds a way to donate what would have been roughly $1million of revenue in the past year to the various non-profits in the communities we serve; and I am particularly happy to use my own Community Card to help give back to those organizations in Routt County.

Tom Krabacher Alpine Bank Employee since 2005


There are people that are not able to volunteer because of their busy schedules. The Loyalty Debit Card program gives our customers the opportunity to give back to the community without affecting their daily routine. I personally enjoy discussing this option with everyone, because while volunteering I can see the great impact this good deed has in our community.

Lula Becerra Alpine Bank Employee since 2013


Community benefits organizations that meet, support and strengthen human needs, like The Blue Bench, Junior Achievement, Vail Veterans Program, Colorado Discover Ability and Habitat for Humanity of the San Juans, among others.*


Education offers support for local, school-related programs, like Colorado Uplift, Boys & Girl Club, YouthEntity, Young American’s Center for Financial Education (Young Ameritowne) and History Colorado Ute Indian Museum, among others.*


Environment helps local groups restore, preserve and protect the ecosystems that are important to our daily lives, like Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, Walking Mountains Science Center, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers and Trail Kids, among others.*


Arts provide a unique opportunity to help fund arts and culture in our community, like Breckenridge Music Festival, Chief Theater, Rifle Creek Museum, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Durango Arts Center, among others.*


Americas is a partnership with Latin American community projects to support, integrate and celebrate our heritage, like Latino Community Foundation, The Cycle Effect, English in Action, BeLingual Kids and Hispanic Affairs Project, among others.*

Children’s Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado benefits Children's Colorado, a leading pediatric healthcare network that is dedicated to caring for kids at all ages and stages of growth.

Colorado Mountain College (CMC)

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) benefits the CMC Foundation’s general scholarships fund for nontraditional students.

*For a full list of local organizations that benefit from our Loyalty Debit Card program, please visit your nearest Alpine Bank location.